Benny plays Korean Farmville

Sorry about the horizontal/vertical mixups. Steven Spielberg, hit me up. This camera work/editing is top notch!
Every summer, a family of swallows come and live in my parent’s roofing. I’ve been told they’re very loud so at least I didn’t have to deal with that.
My mom named her Maeum which is “Heart” in Korean.
This was thinly sliced duck with veggies from our neighbors that my mom prepped. Making some of these takes weeks of prep and fermentation.
Sunset on the Yeosu ridgeline.
Chicken stew



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Benny Kim

Benny Kim

Electrical Engineer at Tank Utility, M.S. Candidate in Innovation and Management, BSEE Tufts University ’16. Oh God what else is there? Should I mention my hobb